Ditch The Tanning Oil… And Dip Into Some ChoCoLate!!

In the mood for some good ol’ chocolate?

Some chocolatey nougate filled candies with caramel fillings, dark chocolate coatings and nutty surprises… We want it all, but without the calories! Chocolate Sun is the all natural, sunless tanning! We decided that with global warming on the loose it would be best to slather up with SPF 1000 and steer clear of too much sun this summer. My roommate always fake tans and granted with a few smudges here and there, she always looks like a bronzed to perfection creature of the great outdoors of professional tanning, so I decided to take a chance with the spray! And to my surprise I came out looking like a golden pixie! It lasts for about a week and leaves you without a sunburn and with a kiss of that golden tan!!!


One thought on “Ditch The Tanning Oil… And Dip Into Some ChoCoLate!!

  1. mabdo6 says:

    I just wanted to share with you a product that is a great compliment to any sun screen or self-tanning lotion. Reach Mate Plus offers bendable body wands designed to help apply lotion smoothly on areas that are hard to reach. The product was primarily developed to make life easier for people who have limited range of motion but I think some of the unique features of this product would be perfect for those looking for an even, streakless tan. Reach Mate’s body wands are patented, their bendability holds its shape and perhaps best of all the sponges don’t absorb your expensive lotions yet are still washable and reuseable. The company has a compelling story worth a trip to the website. Check it out at http://www.reachmateplus.com
    Happy Safe Tanning

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