Keep Truckin: Rolling with Gourmet Food

Whether it’s carousel tunes from an ice cream truck or the “La Cucaracha” horn at lunch, the arrival of food on wheels is always music to the ears. In our gridlocked megalopolis, there’s something wildly appealing about tasty treats working their way to you rather than the other way around. Our phones are mobile, our Internet is mobile—why shouldn’t our food be too?

Here’s how to get your grub-on-the-go:

Let’s Be Frank: Bring on the sustainable dogs. From Thursday to Saturday during the prime hours of 6 p.m.-2:15 a.m., the souped-up Let’s Be Frank can be found on Abbot Kinney Boulevard outside the Otheroom, providing immediately accessible grub for patrons.

Green Truck: Bring on eco-consciousness. The brainchild of model-turned-model-citizen Mitchell Collier, the Green Truck boasts environmental consciousness. The trucks run on recycled vegetable oil and tote around biodegradable packaging and serving ware. The food—sustainable, local and organic—is prepped at the company’s solar-powered Culver City commissary.

Nomo Farms: bring on gourmet for the club set. A rotating repertoire of sustainable gourmet fare, on a recent night outside Zanzibar, the menu featured the likes of mesquite-grilled free-range chicken with pomegranate vinaigrette, a pork belly sandwich with grapefruit marmalade, and mac ’n’ cheese. That’s been discontinued for the moment, but the truck can still be found at festivals and events.

HeartsChallenger: Bring on unicorns and rave gear. Leyla “Lo” Safai puts the riot grrrl into the ice cream trrruck. HeartsChallenger’s stock of treats is equally eclectic, moving way beyond American standards like ice cream drumsticks and popsicles with international offerings like Japanaese mochi and Armenian teddy bear bars.


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