is what you see really what you get…

This morning Miss Tarah Smith and I were truckin’ around town in the G-wagon when we stumbled

fantastical magical

fantastical magical

across this man of mystical powers. We were on the prowl. For what, we were not sure, but when we came across him, we just knew. This was the man, the being, the very thing we were looking for to jazz up our morning and give us something to talk about. JB Benn, the Man of Mystery. So we swung into the right, almost caused a traffic accident, got hollered at and dubbed as some kick ass rockstars (aka…ass holes) and swooped in and picked him up. He looked quite ravishing, with a slight glow to the face and piercing fierce eyes that hold a deep spirit, but still this man looked a bit parched, so without hesitation we whisked him off to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Main Street in Venice. We ordered our drinks, while he offered to pick up the tab with a stack of $1 bills that he so smoothly changed into $100 bills! We were a bit surprised by his instant wealth but still needed convincing on what this man of wonder could do. So we took a seat in a little nook and let him work his magic*** We got consumed in conversation while he intermittently wowed us into wonder with his magic. Not only did he completely captivate us with his stories of travel across far lands and extravagant parties, but with everything that this man, JB Benn did, he seemed to look through to your soul. And with charm and confidence he read our minds with fantastical ease.

Chelsea.... "Queen of Hearts"

Chelsea.... "Queen of Hearts"

Ten minutes turned into an hour of complete awe and belief that magic is real. It is a true art of history and all things past. It is the art of deception and illusion that transcends all human understanding. It engages all of the senses and ignites a passion in one, bringing about that child-like sense of pure joy and giddiness. There is something about not knowing what the unexpected is… that makes you feel alive. This beautiful soul, JB Benn is not just a magician, he is a kindred spirit to all great mystical souls.

Tarah... "Jack of Clovers"

Tarah... "Jack of Clovers"


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