Krishna Krishna

The Reservoir of Pleasure….

Their is nothing better that waking up early on Sunday to meet John, the Hannah and adorable little Lennon to have the divine AXE pancakes…

but today the rooster did not do his job, so a quick hello and a photo opp sufficed and we were off to the Bean…

As we wheeled the corner, the sounds of rhythmic chanting and flowers filled the streets of Main in

Santa Monica. Women Draped in colorful raps, painted faces and hair that extended way past their

bum bum’s danced around praising Krishna.

Men with radical haircuts wearing faded orange full-length

robes gave flowers to the onlookers.

I will tell you what … I damn near pulled

my top off to get a lay or even a

single orange flower but Nada.. I think they

can tell the believers from the

Non-believers!! 😉

So here is the deal:

Each year, a procession marches from Santa Monica down to Venice accompanied by three towering

hand-pulled chariots and hundred’s of crazies!


Once it reaches Venice, the festival will feature a free

feast and three stages of live entertainment that includes drummers, sword fighters, Indian dance

performances, drama and “mantra rock.”


So head on down to the beach to get you some grub and your Krishna on today!!



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