Whoever entitled them?…and why do we love it;)


menWhy do we love them?

Because we can’t live without them? ….it is the nature of the beast that consumes us….

The over testosteronized, sweaty beast…. who has what we want… but why? 

the being that can pee standing up and not get a dribble near him…

he who doesn’t have to worry about glistening, about grooming and maintaining unruly hair….about smackin’ that ass…

They can tap this or tap that, hit it or rub it down…

Why are we obsessed? Are they really as good as we think? Or are we the makers of this phenomenon? 

Show us the men that can put a tap on that ass and make us smile;)…..

toodles from the tarah smith bungalow… 

words to roll over, thoughts to ponder….


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