WorDs wOrdS wORds!!!

Please read this in a british accent…. it’s quite hilarious!

Writers of the late seventeenth century tried to establish precise rules for the use of the comma, semicolon and colon, on the principles that a semicolon indicated a pause twice as long as that for a comma, and a colon indicated a pause twice as long as for a semicolon. Some grammarians rebelled at such artificial rules. One grammarian of later times, Justin Brenan, wrote,

What a quantity of useless controversial stuff has been written upon the proper use of the semicolon and the colon — but I am wrong in saying that it was useless for, at last, common sense prevailed and the public threw these stops overboard.

Brenan himself wanted to substitute the dash (−) for the colon. As he expressed it, “No one of good taste could use any other stop.” Brenan was one of the first grammarians to argue that punctuation marks should not be primarily indicators of pauses for breath but an integral part of the sentence pattern.

cheerio tiddly winks of joy!


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