Blastin’ the Beetles Baby!!!!


Were the beetle blasters of america… Venice Beach….and the TS pad!!! So, we had a little infestation of creepy crawlers… well not an infestation, but more like an invasion of a colony…. oh yes, they built their fort in a little piece of drift wood that sat so quietly and still on our back porch. Little did we know that this little piece of wood was housing a village of flying beetle crawler bugggsss! It was a beautifully sunny day and miss Tarah and I were sunning ourselves while doing some daily work….when all of a sudden a Big Black Flying Killer-look-a-like Beetle came swarming at my head!!!! We screamed and ran inside and in the midst of all of this craziness, we knocked over the un-assuming little piece of drift wood… Soon they (all of the creepy flying crawlers) were on the loose!!!!! We watched from behind glass doors…. after much deliberation we decided we had to annihilate this colony, this cult, this village of bugs!… We got the hose, bug spray and our masks on and left our sensitivity at the door…and Tarah and I, went to battle…. It was a hard, long, difficult fight, but after sweat, tears, and turmoil, Tarah and I prevailed….We left the battle field, aka the backyard, with traces of a destroyed village…. We won, but we couldn’t help but feel like we’d done something so unjust. How could we kill off an entire family of bugs that were half the size of us…. We showed no mercy…and for this, we were deeply saddened and regretful…. For it was a beautiful, crisp, fall day that wasn’t supposed to include a massacre…. so we went outside to the desolate field, clasped hands, said a farewell prayer and sang in perfectly imperfect harmony the lyrics to Amazing Grace… we released the little souls of the creepy crawler beetles to the heavens above and said goodbye….   Lesson learned…. we are all on this earth for a reason, no matter what shape, size, color, race, religion, mammal, reptile or bug…. so let’s all embrace our beings and live in perfect craziness….. hehhhhheeee….. THINK BEFORE YOU SQUASH!!!!


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