Sample Sale

Sample Sale

Where oh where to begin except, THANK YOU THANK YOU amazing Tarah Smith Supporters!!!!!!!! Our Sparkle Sample Sale last Thursday was absolutely wonderful!!! We had such a blast with too much vino, lots of music and many many fashionistas!!!!  Thank you for coming out to support us and share some of your time with us pixies!!!!! 

To all of you flower faces who want to come next time, we will post all of our sample sale dates on our blog!!!!!! so stay tuned you dandellion Dummies!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe…. like the lollipops…although that would be a dum dum lollipop which sits in your tum tum,… but that’s not really what were talking about, we just didn’t want to offend you beautiful petunia pissers!!!! 



Here’s a Puff from the Magic Peace Pipe of Fantastical Wisdom….. oh yeah…..

***one more thought****

did you know that at any given moment each day 563 birds drop dead out of the sky from over exhaustion…..so watch the skies dear friends……. 

                                              just kidding.     



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