knock your holiday socks off with a 45% OFF TS SALE!!!! xo

ho ho hoooo

ho ho hoooo

Just in time to be jolly for this holiday season!!!!! We pixies, over here at TARAH SMITH, have decided to get into the spirit of the holidays and take up part time jobs as SANTA’S SUPER RIDICULOUSLY FABULOUS ELVES! Meaning, that if you are interested in a TS Handbag, but aren’t quite sure about how much dough you have burning through those little mittens of yours, then just hop onto our website and purchase one of our fantastic bags 45% OFF!!!!!!!!!!

Yep you heard your little angels all right, everything on the website, which means everything we have is 45% OFFFFFFFFFF It’s original price!!!!! This means you’re basically gettin a steal!!! So come order some amazzzzzing bags and get 45% off! This Holiday Extravaganza doesn’t include the cost of shipping….. so yes, dig a little deeper into the pocket change to cover the cost of shipping but receive almost HALF OFF your rock-n-rolla handbag!!!!!! Oh and one more thing, The Secret Code for the discount is……..LOVELOAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget to punch this in for your very much deserved discount!





oh yeaya mistletoe lovers!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you get for the holidays!!!!!

so much sugar dust love from us over here!!!!!!


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